Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Recent Work

We're at work on a (long overdue) new look and feel for our own website. In the meantime we wanted to celebrate a few of our recent site launches. These sites include some new businesses, fabulous authors, and new designs for established businesses.

Tonglen Lake Lodge, a unique new lodge in Denali

Websites for some amazing authors including:

Amelia Levin Chicago Food Writer
E. A. Aymar Author
Rachel Searles Author
Real Rehab
Kay David Author

Global consulting firm:
H. R. Studio International

There are so many more wonderful businesses we've worked with over the past month that haven't made it to our gallery yet. Man, we are so lucky to have the clients we have. We love you all.

We'll be posting more soon.

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  1. The most recent work I have was writing for several education blogs. check this site to see the example of my work!