Monday, March 12, 2012

New Facebook Fan Pages

Change is coming to Facebook Fan Pages! March 30th, Facebook will be launching their new design for their fan pages.

Some of us have trouble with change. Change means an interruption in my usual routine, that I’m now forced to do or think something different (I like my routine for a reason!). But, change can be good. And in the case of the new Facebook Fan page design, I think its for the better.

The most obvious change of the new design is the bigger, dominant cover image. Think billboard. Its so big, its like finding another room in my 1200 ft sq house! I’m excited just thinking about all the possibilities of how to use that space. You can also insert a smaller, square image in the lower left corner. The dimensions and arrangement of the smaller square isn’t modifiable, but I’m not complaining.

The About Box will now allow you to edit your tag line or marketing message and have it show on your FB homepage (the default is your address and phone). This is a great opportunity to put your message out there up front for all your fans to see.

Another opportunity to highlight your special offerings are the new pages or apps, which used to be called tabs. You can create images for these apps, which can basically act as custom calls to action. Other ways to highlight items is to use the “Pin”, which will post a story to the top of your page, and the “Star”, which highlights an item by spreading it across both left and right columns.

I’m not as all about Facebook as I should be, but maybe this will be the impetus to direct some of my effort there. So, keep a lookout March 30th! You may see a spiffier Facebook Fan page for Bizango. What are your plans for your Facebook page?