Friday, June 11, 2010


Recently, a recurrent question I ask myself is: Am I capable of more? Am I living to my potential?

There’s so much opportunity for anonymity, mediocrity, to coast through this life, to be passive. But, what a disappointment to just sit back and let life go bye.

Its risky, being involved, to lose your anonymity, to take on more. It takes a certain amount of confidence to put yourself out there. You might actually attract attention! But also open yourself up to criticism, public failure, embarrassing situations, being spread too thin, or losing your mind.

For me, the choice to become more involved started a couple of years ago. Maybe it was having kids, or being in my mid 30’s, or having our own business... or the feeling that I have a stake in the future that is beyond myself. Don’t get me wrong--in my younger adulthood I had a more theoretical understanding and desire to promote the sustainability of the human race and our world. But now, I definitely have a deeper, more emotional relationship to the future than I felt when I was younger. It makes everything important. This is my chance to do something good in this world, to make my community better, to ensure that my kids will have only the best of everything.

I have a belief that we (myself included) are all capable of more than we do on a day-to-day basis. What if we all lived to our potential? How awesome would that be? I realize we can’t be ON 100% of the time. But even if we had bursts of energy that would take us 1 step closer to our potential a day, that would be somethin’.