Friday, May 21, 2010

Married to the web guy

Being married to the web guy has its pluses.

First, if I have a question about anything webby or technical, I know the guy to call. And he’s really good. I don’t think I’ve ever had a technical problem that he couldn’t fix. Granted, my technical problems probably aren’t that complicated, but still. Knowing I have someone literally in-house to call is a great comfort. If Mark weren’t here, my computer would have been thrown through the window a long time ago.

I’m inspired by his creativity. I love watching him create amazing designs. At some point during our clients’ projects I get to see the work in progress. I get first glance at the mood boards, design concepts, logo designs, etc. I’m no web designer, but after seeing a lot of web design, I know that Mark’s work is pretty amazing. Frankly, I don’t know how he does it. Every client gets a unique design, some clients depending on the size of the project, might be presented with 2 or 3 design concepts. How he comes up with so many ideas, I’ll never know.

I’m totally proud of the business that he’s created. Mark is a modest guy. He will read this and be embarrassed. But, under the laid-back-Seattle-web-guy exterior, he’s a sharp businessman. He’s planning Bizango’s future even when the week is booked with working on client projects. Every week, we set aside time to develop new and improved features to the update tools, or to develop future Bizango endeavors. Sometimes carving out the time for these long-term goals hurts. That time has got to come from somewhere, and every week we look at the schedule and make sure that its on our to-do list. He doesn’t compromise on this. His eye is on the future of our business and the security of our family. He’s my hero.

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