Friday, February 19, 2010

Writing Copy for the Web

Writing copy for the web has its own challenges.

We have an overwhelming amount of information available to us, all at our fingertips, and with our fast internet connections we can surf this information quickly. But how much do we actually read and process? Let's face it, people have short attention spans. Even if you don't have adult ADHD, we're still so accustomed to browsing information and websites quickly that we really have to be drawn in to pay attention.

So, how do we sell to people who may only spend a minute or two, if we're lucky, reading our website?

Here's 3 tips which may help:

First, use small words and short paragraphs. Recognize that people are in a hurry and want information that is easy to read and understand. They don't want to have to think. People aren't impressed with big words--they get annoyed and move on.

Second, speak clearly. Write how you would say it. If you're trying too hard to explain something, your audience is trying to hard to understand it and they will lose interest. To be honest, you should assume your audience is less intelligent ( I mean no offense) and speak to that level. You're not trying to win awards for literary fiction here, you're trying to sell.

Third, be compelling. This is probably the most challenging. But if you have nothing interesting to say, why say it? The whole point of writing is to get your audience to keep reading and to ultimately contact you.


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