Monday, March 1, 2010

Extreme Web Design

I'm strapped in -- all alone on this tiny plane. There's an empty seat in front of me. Looking out the window I can see the pilot standing on the rocky riverbank. He grabs the propellor, gives it a spin.

Old school.

But it only takes one spin and the engine roars to life.

Now I can feel the power of the Piper Super Cub beneath me. The wind is picking up. The pilot's running around the wing. Coming toward me. Making for the open hatch. Hurry up, man! This plane wants to be in the sky.

My pilot is one of Alaska's most famous bush pilots. He's also my client -- and today, that makes him the boss.

I'm in amazingly good hands. So why am I terrified? It's irrational. I gaze longingly down at the ground. Can I still change my mind?

The pilot dives in through the hatch and straps himself into the seat in front of me. He snaps on his seatbelt. Grabs the throttle. My heart's in my mouth. And we are leaping forward, bumping over rocks, hurtling straight toward the river.

But we never come close to that water. This little plane wants to fly. I can feel the super cub growling YIPPEE YIPPEE YIPPEE beneath me. Two big bounces and we're leaping into the sky. The river is gleaming below.

The super cub is built like a bicycle. It sounds like a lawnmower. But it eats air!

We cruise up the canyon. Treetops whisper away beneath us. Massive mountains rise on both sides. My heart is pounding. All of a sudden my pilot grabs the throttle and banks us left -- toward a 10,000 foot-high wall of sheer rock.

A turn like that in 360 degrees of space -- with the mountains leaping up on my left and the stormclouds gathering away to my right -- it would squeeze a "YEEHA" out of anyone. It does me. And down inside a part of me is wondering... "Am I gonna die today -- for web design???"


We are lucky to have all the amazing clients we do. I get paid for this?

Can't say more about the Alaskan experience yet, because their site is still being written, designed and programmed. But once it launches it'll be obvious why I love this job.

Follow our new Bizango page on facebook to be notified of the epic Alaska project launch. We'll reveal the name and location of this remote adventure lodge -- and of the family who had the grace and generosity to fly me in so we could build them a website that would help them tell their story.


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