Friday, November 13, 2009

technophobe like me

Business owners are either tight on cash or busy. Regardless of how successful we are, we're always watching the bottom line.

Keeping your website current, its true, takes either time or money. Which do you have more of? If money is no object, then you can call up your trusty webmaster (does that word bother anyone else?), request the changes you want made, and hope he can squeeze it in sometime that week. Yes, Master!

Or you can do it yourself. What? You mean, a technophobe like me is supposed to update my own website? Are you crazy? Like, I'm not busy enough trying to do business, going to social networking events, blogging (ok, I've fallen behind on this one!), running a family, having a life...Its easy to understand why updating your website gets pushed down on the endless to-do list.

But don't let it. I can't tell you how many times I visit a site that was last updated a couple years ago. Are they still in business? Is anyone home? Its like going to someone's store where the lights aren't all turned on, or its dusty. You wouldn't let your actual retail space look uninhabited, and you shouldn't let your virtual one either.

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