Friday, April 10, 2009

Reflecting inward

So much of our valuable time goes toward our clients' projects, its difficult to carve out the time needed to address our own website and business.

After spending some time browsing our site this morning and making a wish list of the things I would like to change, I realize; When do we think we're going to do this?

This must be how our clients feel about their websites when they come to us.  

I happen to have a full-time, very committed, hard working, GENIUS webmaster on staff--my partner and husband, Mark.  Lucky for me.  But, I also am very aware of his schedule, because I was the one who made it.  

I'd like to think that this predicament originates from our philosophy of doing business: We're here to make our clients look great online and to promote their business by giving them a tool with which they can use to grow their business and make it successful.  We honestly get excited when we hear one of our clients made a sale because of the website we built them.  We feel like proud parents.  

Likewise, we feel sad and disappointed when one of our clients goes out of business because they are struggling in this economy.  Its tough times for small businesses, and we get it.  We're all doing what we can to survive and hope better economic days are not too far off.  

We've found that many of our clients are using this time to focus inward, on marketing their business, refining their public face, streamlining efficiencies.  That's where we come in.   And it makes sense.  There are tons of articles out there that talk about the reasons to market in an economic downturn, including one from Penn State, SMEAL College of Business Research: Proactive Marketing During Recession. 

And really, if you have a business, you need a website.  And websites can be a  very easy and relatively inexpensive way to market your business.  

Friday, April 3, 2009

Just starting

I have no idea what I'm doing.

I hope I don't break anything.  I hope I don't create something that I can't then undo.  I hope I don't embarrass myself.

Blog Virgin.

So, now I'm blogging.  Mostly about the business, family, life, and how they all fit together.  

Right at this moment, my amazing husband/business partner has taken our two delightful daughters ages 4 and 2 to the "big playground", while I am in our home office managing the family business.  And blogging.

I joined the business 1 year ago this month as the "Business Operations" manager of Bizango.  I work somewhere between 5-10 hours a week on the business, mostly in the evenings after we put the kiddos to bed, and Friday mornings when Mark takes his turn with the girls.  

The most frustrating thing about the schedule is that Mark and I, despite being happily married and living together, rarely work together--except for our business meetings on the couch in the evenings, and whenever we get babysitters to watch the kids during the week, which is infrequent.  Finding time to actually communicate with each other about the business, or even personal matters, is a challenge.  You see, Mark and I have other jobs as well.  (We have to support ourselves somehow!) So, the time that we're not at our other jobs, doing childcare, that's  pre-coffee (Mark), or post-bedtime (mine, since I turn in 2-3 hours before Mark even considers hitting the hay) is tricky.

Still, we manage to have a business that we love doing together.